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The "Nicole11" Black Eyeliner Pen

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 The ONLY Eyeliner that comes with a Warranty!

Kreamy Couture

The Nicole11 Crystal Rhinestone Adhesive Eyeliner featuring flawless Crystal Rhinestones.

This waterproof black eyeliner was designed to turn heads. Smooth application process, no clunking, easy smooth flow when applying. 

Featuring a design of elegance, with the performance of a professional makeup artist, this could be the last eyeliner you will ever want to own.

The Look...

The sleek gold shell with rhinestones says Classy, Elegant, and Sophisticated. You will be proud to pull out the Nicole11 Black Eyeliner pen to enhance your beautiful eyes.

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The Tip...

Soft to touch, smooth application and waterproof. Providing nothing but great performance every time.


Black Eyeliner Pen

 Long Lasting...

You will get 24 hours of performance with the Nicole11 and 60-70 uses or we will send you a new pen FOR FREE.

black eyeliner pen

Gorgeous Packaging...

black eyeliner pen

Why Kreamy Couture Cosmetics?

So lets chat just for a moment. Kreamy Couture Cosmetics took time and money to investigate the production of this product before stamping our name of the shell. We spent time monitoring the production process meaning; 

  • safety of the product
  • human rights not violated
  • no child labor laws breached
  • no forbidden chemical used to create the product
  • 65-75 uses Warranty.

Kreamy Couture and Kreamy Couture Cosmetics supports Shelters for Battered Women by donating proceeds from the sale of products branded the Kreamy Couture.

We want every female to feel Great about themselves and we are trying to do our part in helping with the process. When you purchase from us you help the cause.

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How Can We offer a Warranty?

Its simple, as mentioned before, we took time and money to investigate the production of the production and we believe a warranty is appropriate. 

We also want our customers to purchase with no concerns, fears or doubts that a Kreamy Couture product will not stand up to its claims. 

Don't be fooled by imitation products. No one will stand behind their product like the Kreamy Couture Brand.




This product is shipped within 72 hours of ordering. This product is also located in the US.

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