The Vivian #7 Signature Eyeliner Pen by Kreamy Couture

Kreamy Couture

The Vivian #7 Signature Eyeliner Pen by Kreamy Couture

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The Vivian #7 Eyeliner Pen

By Kreamy Creamy Couture Cosmetics

Beauty of the Eye

The Eyes are the gateway to the soul. A Welcoming soul is refreshing. This is the belief of KREAMY COUTURE 

The eyes can be captivating, Inviting, Intriguing and Breathtaking. Just a few words that can describe the beauty of your eyes.

Its amazing how simple art can make your eyes Pop!


Black Eyeliner Pen


This is a Signature Eyeliner pen by Kreamy Couture. Decorated in Crystal Rhinestones, this pen has a bling bling appearance with professional performance. 

The superfine, flexible felt tip guides your line without tugging or flaking for subtle-to-bold precision that brings any look to life.

No smudging, no slipping, no problems.

  • Waterproof 
  • Adhesive
  • 60-70 usage 
  • Smooth layer application
  • 24 hour long wearing
  • Crystal Rhinestones 
  • No harsh Chemicals
  • Easy to remove using a simple wet wipe.


Why Buy From Kreamy Couture?

We have put a lot of time and effort into making the product flawless. If it does not satisfy your needs or expectations, simply let us know for a full refund.

We want our customers 100% satisfied with all products sold buy Kreamy Couture. Our quality control department is committed to approving only the best product, production and design before placing the Kream Couture brand name on it.

Many products have been duplicated but none will stand behind the quality as will Kreamy Couture brand.

Of course, you can find a cheaper product online, but when it comes to quality, well lets just say everybody wont stand behind their products like Kreamy Couture.

  • If it looses a Rhinestone, we will replace it
  • If the pen dries up, we will replace it.
  • If the color fades on the pen, we will replace it.

We want our customers 100% satisfied with this pen.

Photo appearance may look lighter in color pen due to your device setting. The pen is gold colored.


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Black Eyeliner Pen

Black Eyeliner Pen

Note: If you like Marc Jacobs, Estee Lauder or HAUS LABS, NYX, you will be very happy with this pen.

This pen performs at the professional grade level, making your application look flawless.

MSRP $54.00