FAQ about The Vivian #7 – Kreamy Couture

FAQ about The Vivian #7

Why Should I buy this pen from You?

We have partnered with the manufacture that is responsible for the components of creating this pen. Our quality control staff made it a point to address concerns and worked with them to correct the issues.

Visiting the manufacture is the only why we feel we can assure our customers that the product is safe. The manufacture must meet ALL Human Rights Standards.

Kreamy Couture is more than a brand. We take 10% of our profits and give to a Shelter for Women.

You are purchasing a product from a company that cares.

How safe is this pen?

No glue, non magnetic, no harsh chemicals that will damage the skin. YES, this pen is safe.  

How long is shipping?

The demand for our product has been high. This product normally ships out within 48 hours. We are working to improve that number with hiring new staff.

What is your return policy?

Its simple, if you don't FIRST, tell us the problem and then send it back, No Hassle Returns.