The Vivian #7 adhesive Eyeliner Pen – Kreamy Couture

The Vivian #7 adhesive Eyeliner Pen

The Vivian #7 adhesive Eyelash Pen 

Black Eyeliner Pen

Black eyelash pen

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Black Eyeliner Pen

Beauty of the Eye

The Eyes are the gateway to the soul. A Welcoming soul is refreshing. This is the belief of KREAMY COUTURE 

The eyes can be captivating, Inviting, Intriguing and Breathtaking. Just a few words that can describe the beauty of your eyes.

Its amazing how simple art can make your eyes Pop!

Black Eyeliner Pen

Here is a pen that will contribute to enhancing your eyes natural beauty.

 =>The Vivian #7<=

an Authentic Kreamy Couture product