Brand Ambassadors Consideration – Kreamy Couture

Brand Ambassadors Consideration

Do you want to be a representative for Kreamy Couture?

Kreamy Couture

We are always looking for individuals to represent our brand BUT there are a few requirements. 

1). First, you must truly be a huge fan of the Kreamy Couture brand, own a Kreamy Couture item, work for Kreamy Couture or have shared a Kreamy Couture post.

2). You must have a large following on social media which must include; Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Tik Tok. You must have high engagement on each platform. Please note; ambassadors with a high volume of FAKE followers will not be approved. 

3). You must be very active and engaging daily on your social media platforms.

Kreamy Couture will provide ambassadors with the latest items released at no cost. In some cases you will have the option to choose colors of the item. Kreamy Couture plans of attending shows however due to COVID 19 dates have been changed or canceled. 

We ask that you make us aware of your desire to travel as an ambassador for Kreamy Couture. 

To be considered, use the contact form below indicating your interest. We will reply with details on how to proceed.