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About us

So lets talk...

At Kreamy Couture, we want you to feel in charge of you at all times. Have no fear taking steps to achieve what you want in life. Dress the part, take control and feel strong and powerful. Our products including our cosmetic line, will help you feel this way.  We want you to Become a Kreamy Couture Girl.

Who is Kreamy Couture...

The designer for Kreamy Couture has been secretly designing items online for others for many years. In 2019 the designer decided its was time to branch out and become a well known brand and Kreamy Couture created.

With a goal to provide high end quality products at an affordable price, Kreamy Couture wanted all women to be able to wear a Kreamy Couture item. We also would like to begin a sponsorship for young women thriving to become a strong force in life.   

Not under contract with any company, the creativity of Kreamy Couture is now unlimited. Our product line consist of apparel and cosmetics. 

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