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Cotton Sweater featuring Red Hearts

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 Cotton Hearts Sweater

This sweater is perfect for Winter/Spring season as well as the month of February which is the month of love. The hearts blend very nicely with the design of the sweater. You can wear this with your favorite pair of jeans or skirt. 

Why buy a Kreamy Couture product?

Kreamy Couture wants you to feel great when wearing or using a product that we place our name on. As a thank you for your business, we take a portion of our profits and donate to a charity that help women, youth to adults, improve their current life status.

We feel we are more than just a clothing brand.

Now let's talk material..

The material in this sweater is a blend of Cotton and Polyester. The combination give this sweater a very soft, and comfortable feel. 

Let's Size this Sweater up..

So a few customer prefered a different size and here is why.

 Bust Size:

  • Small 102cm
  • Med 106cm
  • Lg 110cm
  • XL 114


  • Small 64cm
  • Med 65cm
  • Lg 66cm
  • XL 67cm

NOTE: Most customers have reported the sweater received was perfect. A few have indicated they prefered to have a larger size due to bust. Please keep your bust size in mind when ordering.

Have no worries, we will make it right for you.

100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed from Kreamy Couture.